智能手机英语作文 作文二:《智能手机英语作文》4700字

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Nowadays, it’s common for people to use the smartphone. And not surprisingly, many of us will claim that we cannot manage our daily work without them.  So, what’s all about the tiny machine, or say is it just we are finding something to be obsessed with?

Well, not really, I would answer. Obviously the smartphone facilitates not merely as “mobile” phone, but actually do carry some important functions on a general basis. For instance, entrepreneur can tele-control his/her business, doctor may manage to guide a operation on a patient remotely and even ordinary people will benefit quite a lot from the payment service supported by their smartphones. The main point that I think makes smartphones almost a must in modern society is that they has revolutionized the way how we deal with tasks—traditionally low-efficient or technologically smart: whether in the workplaces or at home, to a smartphone with you always helps a lot as to achieve great performance. More specifically, we are able to browse webpages, gather necessary information for the essay as well as texting the first draft directly with office inside; not the end, suppose you‘ve just finish your dissertation, turn to the E-mail software, tap you finger on the screen and you send it to you tutor within some ten microseconds. Unimaginable before! However, in my opinion, we’d better take it for granted from now on.

Yet frankly speaking, the application of smartphones is not that perfect. There also exist, as a matter of fact, some minor drawbacks such as smartphone addiction, phone call deception and eyesight damage etc. So it comes to blame, though a bit of unreasonable to me. Being objective, I suggest that users in these cases are probably the defining element. After all,

no absolute fault of a tool developed by human themselves—it’s abusive usage that causes tragedy.

Conspicuously, the smartphone has brought out a series of significant changes around the global. Along with many advantages, some negative sides inevitably appear. So to conclude, smartphone should be deemed rather as a mixed blessing.




Nowadays, with the rapid development of our society, especially the IT and information industry, cell phones are accessible and they play a dominant role in our daily life, which greatly facilitate our lives. Firstly, it’s very useful and convenient. As a wireless mobile phone, it can be easy to carry and make people reach others and be reached immediately, without considering the location. Secondly, it’s also a perfect

recreational tool. With the progress of science and technology, cell phones are much more powerful than ever. With them, people not only can make a phone call, send SMS, but also can play games and search the internet, even do shopping. Furthermore, when you are in trouble, the handy cell phone is an effective way to help you.










However, some people argue that the mobile phones bring some negative

impacts to people’s lives as well as convenience.

Firstly, to a certain extent, the mobile phones will affect interpersonal relationships. If you constantly fiddle with your mobile phone when you’re communicating

with your friends or families, the mobile phone will m(来自:WWw.cssyq.Com 书业网:智能手机英语作文)ake

dialogue delay to make others feel that you lack of sincerity and even likely to cause conflict. Secondly, mobile phones will narrow the circle of life by making the traditional social models, such as family gatherings, school reunions, less important.

Because mobile phones occupy too much of our time and attention, and force us to focus on them. Last but not the least, mobile phones are harmful to our health.



To sum up, moblie phones as a tool to faciliate our

lives, we should use them

appropriately to make convenience and reduce their

negative impacts.





优点 给我们提供了很多方便~可以很容易找到朋友~可以给朋友发短信~发短信很流行

缺点 带来不少麻烦~有些同学在课上打电话~发短信在考试中用短信作弊 有些同学炫耀自己的新手机

Is mobile good for student?

mobile  phones  are  becoming  a  new  scene  on  schools .Is  mobile  phones  good  for  students? Different  people  hold  Different  opinions.

some  student  think  that  it  is  extremely  convinient  for  then  to  communicate  with the outside world by  using  mobile

phones,especially  when  thay are  hunting  for jobs.Nowadays, mobiles are popular  with people who are from the old to the young  ,people  send mesages  surf on  the net listen to music and even take photos  by using their  mobile phone  .As a  result  ,mobile phones are more and more popular by students.

there are also many students hold a negative opinion on it .they think some may concentrate more on playing mobile phone than study.so it may influnce their study.So some teachers or parents don’t allow them to

play with it.

In my opinion ,wheather you like it or not,the mobile has already affected our and play an important role in our daily life.We shoud make the best of using a mobile phone.


In the above picture,there are four persons including student,businessman,career women and taxi driver playing smart phone on the road. The interesting picture provokes us to think about the addition to smartphones.

As we know, with the development of society,almost everyone owns a mobile phone and obviously, smartphone has become an indispensable part of modern life. Through the use of cellphones,people can browse entertainment gossip,play mini-games,update circle of friends and upload self photos which eich our daily life, bring us much pleasure and convenience by turning the earth into a global village that ignore the space distance.

However,the other side of the coin needs to draw public attention. More and more people are indulging in smart phones,which have remarkably impacted on the normal life. As we can see from the painting,no matter what people do, such as walking,waiting and even gathering,they can't help desiring to play mobile phone. People are immersed in the Internet world forgetting what they should do which results in working

backwards and neglecting of family and friends.

All in all, people are supposed to distribute more time in real life. Smartphone is only a tool for glamorous life,and we ought not to be prisoners of it.Only by quitting addiction of smartphone,living with heart,can our life send out dazzling brilliance.


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