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1)Seventeen year old Bella moves from sunny Phoenix to rainy Forks, Washington, but the new school is the least of her troubles. She soon finds herself attracted to a mysterious boy who seems to be infuriated by her mere presence. Soon, however, the truth comes out and the two become inseparable. Bella never dreamed she'd fall in love, let alone with a vampire named Edward. Throughout the novel, he fights to save her, from himself and from others.

Those who will enjoy this novel most are teens and adults looking for a good fantasy and adolescent romance. This is the novel that took Harry Potter's place on the best seller's list. The world of magic and wizards may very well be replaced with the world of vampires created by Stephenie Meyer in her Twilight Saga.

In this first novel of the trilogy, named after the saga, the world of vampires is introduced. I personally enjoyed the fantasy elements and the world of vampires. Meyer creates a few new ideas around the myth of the vampire that stray from the traditional.

My only problem was with the pacing of the novel. I waited through the entire thing for something to happen. The first 500 pages or so is a nearly day-to-day account of Bella's teenage life, and that got a bit repetitive and boring to me. The last 50 pages, though, were intense and suspenseful.

Yet when I finished reading "Twilight," I wanted to continue on to the next in the series. The end of the novel made me want to continue reading to find out what happens with the characters I came to know well in the first novel.

I think fans of Young Adult novels or adolescent romances will enjoy this, particularly if they like a bit of fantasy. Meyer manages to create a fantastical world in a very real way. It's a YA novel first, and a fantasy second.

If you're a fan of adult romance, you may find yourself disappointed by this novel. The characters are teenagers (the human ones, anyway), so the romance is more one of discovery and first kisses.

For me, the novel didn't seem to be written particularly well. The plot is simple, characters are predictable and static, and it takes forever for the action to start. That all being said, I think the novel was at least average and worth a read. I will continue to read the rest in the series, but I doubt I'll re-read them once I'm done

4)Twilight has plenty of love, drama, and action, and it's kept well-balanced.

While some people may claim Twilight is a "girl book", it's actually not hard for a guy to get through. Being a guy myself, I personally had no problem getting interested in the book, because it's kept suspenseful, and there's not TOO much passionate, mushy stuff, although it is a love story.

The book does get a little dramatic at times, when the protagonist (who IS a girl) talks about the other main character... the one she's in love with, although it doesn't get too extreme. While the author does use ALOT of similes, metaphors, and does get very descrpitive when describing things, it doesn't get out of hand, and the plot is advanced quickly enough to keep most readers interested.

Although this book is mainly a love-story, it does have a bit of action. Some of the main characters are actually supernatural characters, and it's very interesting to hear about their amazing abilities. The book isn't action-packed, like some books I've read, which keeps it balanced, and helps it appeal to members of both sexes.

2)Twilight is a major page-turner, but only at some points

Another reason I liked Twilight is because it's just suspenseful enough for the reader to stay initerested, without getting lost or confused. Various things about the characters are revealed at good times throughout the book, so most readers would stay interested long enough to make it to the good parts. This is where the book appeals a little bit more to the feminine sex, though, because it uses many passionate, descriptive words, similes, and metaphors, but because of this, it can be a bit slow-paced for a guy with a short attention span. Admittingly, at times I did get a little bored with the book, though I did finish it, and like it.

Twilight's characters are all well-developed, and all interesting in their own way     Twilights characters all vary greatly, (I can't go into great detail without spoiling the book) and they're all interesting in their own special ways. From the mysterious Edward, to the puppy-like Mike, to the young Jacob, back to clumsy Bella, all of the characters are very interesting, and much more is learned about them through the book. There is a great twist dealing with one of the characters (again, can't go into detail), and it really fills in alot of blanks in the book!

So overall.....

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this book a solid 8. It keeps the reader interested for the most part, but does lose one's attention at times. Still, everything taken into account, this is one of my favorite books, and I would reccomend it highly to just about anyone with an at least average attention span!

3)TWILIGHT is an action-packed, modern-day love story between a teenage girl and a vampire. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has always been a little bit different, never caring about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix high school.  When her mother re-marries and sends Bella to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington, she doesn't expect much of anything to change.  Then she meets the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a boy unlike any she's ever met.  Edward is a vampire, but he doesn't have fangs and his family is unique in that they choose not to drink human blood.  Intelligent and witty, Edward sees straight into Bella's soul.  Soon, they are swept up in a passionate, thrilling and unorthodox romance.  To Edward, Bella is what he has waited 90 years for - a soul mate.  But the closer they

get, the more Edward must struggle to resist the primal pull of her scent, which could send him into an uncontrollable frenzy.  But what will Edward & Bella do when a clan of new vampires - James (Cam Gigandet), Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) - come to town and threaten to disrupt their way of life?

4)ABOUT TWILIGHT: Based on the #1 New York Times Best-Selling series with over 17 million books in print by Stephenie Meyer, TWILIGHT is a cultural phenomenon, with a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits this movie.  There are over 350 fan sites devoted to TWILIGHT, and it has been chosen as the New York Times  Editor's Choice, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, Amazon's "Best Book of the Decade...So Far", Teen People's "Hot List" Pick, and The American Library Association's "Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults" and "Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readers," among others.  Critically acclaimed director Catherine Hardwicke brings to life this modern, visual, and visceral Romeo & Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love affair - between vampire and mortal.

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赤日炎炎 绿树成荫 挥汗如雨 蝉声阵阵 烈日当空

,暑气逼人 酷暑难耐 烈日炎炎 骄阳似火 夏日可畏

暑气熏蒸 赤日炎炎 烈日炎炎 烈日杲杲 烈日中天

,炎阳似火 骄阳似火 火日炙人 火轮高吐 火云如烧

,海天云蒸 夏日可畏 夏阳酷暑 夏山如碧 夏树苍翠

长天当日 赤时当空 炎天暑月 暑气蒸人 汗流浃背

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夏颂——纳清风台榭开怀,傍流水亭轩赏心。 夏热——日轮当午凝不去,万国如在洪炉中。  夏夜——散发乘夕凉,开轩卧闲敞。   夏雨——风声撼山翻怒涛,雨点飞空射强弩。 夏花——荷叶罗裙一色裁,芙蓉向脸两边开。   夏景——叶上初阳干宿雨,水面清圆,一一风荷举。

夏思——夏虫也为我沉默,沉默是今晚的康桥~  夏游——松风涧水杂清音,空山如弄琴。 夏趣——懒摇白羽扇,裸体青林中。























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